1. Your Real Estate Agent can assist you with recommendations of Mortgage Officers and

        help consult about possible financing.

   2.  Your Real Estate agent will be the only person who may know your financial situation.

   3.  Your Agent can act as a clearinghouse for you . The Homes that you come in contact with

         in your Home search can be discussed and processed through your Agent. Instead of 10

         or 15 agents Agents calling you can have information flowing through ONLY ONE


   4.   The Agency Law allows Buyers the opportunity to have access to their own Agent. (Often

         FREE OF CHARGE) . Whether the Homebuyer is buying a New Home or Resale 

         Home ,Your Own Agent can help to avoid potential problems and help to make the Real

         Estate Process as smooth as possible - earnest money, inspections, mortgage documents,

         closing costs, closing statements, etc.


            Many people believe the process of buying a home is a relatively simple process. As a

      result potential buyers are harmed on a regular basis. This problem persisted over the years

      to the point where the Legislative body of the State of Georgia stepped in and passed a Law

      in the 90's that required all Agents Licensed in the State of Georgia to inform Buyers and 

      Sellers who they are representing in all Real Estate Transactions. If  not for the abuse this

      Agency Law would not have been adopted. Governments usually step in and take action

      when a crisis or near crisis has taken place. This action by the Government lets us know that

      in the State of Georgia there has been overwhelming incidents of abuse mostly to Buyers

      who have been under the impression that their interests have been protected in the normal

      course of Buying a Home.If you have any further questions call us at 404-699-0260.

                                                                            Charles Lawrence