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    This is an easy to read book that shares important and outlines all of the necessary steps that can be very beneficial to first-time home buyers. This must-read essentially makes the buying process go much smoother and definitely more stress-free. For those seeking to purchase a home. Throughout the book, the home buying process is explained at a very basis level where anyone with merely a high school education will be able to comprehend the process. Don't let the title " Buying Your First Home ? " fool you , because this book also includes useful information for after you have bought a home, whether it was a year ago or several years ago. Don't forget to refer to the glossary, which serves as a very useful tool in assisting with common terms and praises used in the real estate profession.

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 "Hey Charles Lawernce. I just started reading your book. I m impressed ! It's straightforward, goes directly to the relevant points, and excludes all the "fluff" that some books about home buying include. I also love the very thoughtful dedication , the proverb , and ABOUT THE AUTHOR. Thank you ! "

                                                                         Patrice Brown

 " Wonderful book filled with valuable information. I wish I had it when I bought my first home. Very well written.  Good Job ! "

                                                                          Alesia Bryant

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